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Life is good July 22, 2010

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Sometimes everything feels good with the world when I’m in the kitchen washing my dishes. Sometimes it’s almost a stress reliever. I’m not saying that I love to do it, but when I get in there and start cleaning I get to thinking.

I’m thinking about my buddy Herbie laying beside me on the cool kitchen floor.

I’m thinking about the cat sitting on the ledge looking at the water with her curious eyes.

I’m thinking about my precious little girl, who is playing so well by herself. Ah, the imagination.

I’m thinking about the CD that’s playing in the back ground…it’s Jack Johnson.  And I’m thinking about how I get to go to his concert on Friday night.

I’m thinking about my hubby who is at work and how I won’t see him until about 10pm tonight and I already start missing him. I like it that I can still go a few hours without him and miss him.

And then before I know it…the dishes are washed, the sink is clean, the counter tops have been wiped clean and the CD is over.

And maybe just maybe, I’m a little more at peace. A little bit happier.


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