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Growing up together

Down On The Farm, Downtown July 27, 2010

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Georgia and I like to go to the farmer’s market. We like to look at all the fruits and vegetables and purchase the very best to take home for snacks and meals. We like to watch all of the people. And the dogs. We like to be outside in the sunshine.

Do you want to know what we like most????

Sharing a homemade pretzel.

It’s our thing. We go to the market, then we get a pretzel to share.

And do you want to know what we really like the most about the farmer’s market????

Spending time together!


New Friends July 26, 2010

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I’m trying to get Georgia to branch out a little bit more…..have more friends than just Lilliana (her BFF).

A few weeks ago, I arranged a play date between Georgia and Madeline. Madeline is another little girl from church. Nolan and I went to Goshen with her Mommy and Daddy.

So we went to Madeline’s house. They played. They ate. They played again. They painted. They went potty. They went outside. And before you knew it, we had been there for a couple of hours and it was time to go home.

What did Georgia like most about her time with Madeline….PAINTING.

After we left their house, we had to stop by Target to get a few things. And Georgia begged for paints. We had finger paints at home, but Madeline had paint and brushes. Big stuff!!!

So for a few dollars I made my kid real happy and got her creative juices flowing.

The next day she pleaded for the paints! And the brushes! So she painted for a very long time. And it kept her entertained. And she found something new that she really enjoyed!

Thanks Madeline, for an awesome play date and for a new activity!!


What did you say? July 25, 2010

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Tonight Georgia marched herself into the living room, where Nolan and I were both where sitting, and says what sounds like, “Beaver Boat.”
Nolan looks at me and I look at him. “What did you say” he asks her.
“Beaver Boat.”
Nolan back to Georgia, “Beaver Boat?”
She’s standing there in front of us with this proud little smile on her face. And Nolan and I are just looking at each other dumbfounded.
Then Georgia starts saying, “bah, bah, bah BOAT.”
Nolan and I look at each other and we both say, “OH! B FOR BOAT.”
And Georgia says, “uh huh!”


Life is good July 22, 2010

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Sometimes everything feels good with the world when I’m in the kitchen washing my dishes. Sometimes it’s almost a stress reliever. I’m not saying that I love to do it, but when I get in there and start cleaning I get to thinking.

I’m thinking about my buddy Herbie laying beside me on the cool kitchen floor.

I’m thinking about the cat sitting on the ledge looking at the water with her curious eyes.

I’m thinking about my precious little girl, who is playing so well by herself. Ah, the imagination.

I’m thinking about the CD that’s playing in the back ground…it’s Jack Johnson.  And I’m thinking about how I get to go to his concert on Friday night.

I’m thinking about my hubby who is at work and how I won’t see him until about 10pm tonight and I already start missing him. I like it that I can still go a few hours without him and miss him.

And then before I know it…the dishes are washed, the sink is clean, the counter tops have been wiped clean and the CD is over.

And maybe just maybe, I’m a little more at peace. A little bit happier.


Do you ever?????

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Do you ever have those nights…..

where after dinner, you just want to lay on the couch and do nothing at all?

Well, I did. And if you don’t, I think that you must be superwoman.

Last night, I felt a bit spoiled. After working (only a half day) I went to yoga for 1 1/2 hours (hot yoga), came home, took a shower, ate dinner (grilled steak, grilled veggies, oven fries and salad) and laid on the couch with my girl (Georgia), then went to bed.

Nolan on the other hand, left for work  long before I ever made it out of bed, worked all day, picked up Georgia from my mom’s house, stopped by the store, made dinner, cleaned up the kitchen table, got Georgia ready for bed, changed the sheets on our bed….all before laying down for the night.

Hmmmm…..sometimes this makes me feel like a bad mother and wife. Isn’t it insane that I feel like I should do it all, ALL the time? I have to remind myself, Nolan and me….we’re partners. And I have to remember that while he did do all of those wonderful things for us last night….I get to do it ALL day today. You see, he goes to play frisbee on Thursday nights. He gets away from the insanity here at home too. And I’ll be here….washing the dishes from last night, doing laundry, sweeping the floor, gardening, grocery shopping oh and keeping up with the kid.

Family, I suppose that’s what it’s all about. The give and the take. I just have to keep reminding myself that it’s good for me to do things for myself…and it’s good for Nolan to do things for himself. We gotta keep that good balance.

That kid is begging for breakfast right now. Suppose I should feed her!!


Water Splashin’ Fun July 21, 2010

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We’ve taken Georgia to the zoo a couple of times this summer. The animals are great and all, but what she really wants to do is go to the splash pad…..

The first time she went, she was a little bit timid. But the next time she was all for it and went in running. I had to grab her and make her slow down before she fell on her rear! Now that she knows what this is all about, she’s all for it!


What’s going on in our garden?

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Here are some pictures of what has been going on in our garden’s this year…..

Clematis by our front door..this was from the spring

Ground cover under the Clematis

Hosta in the front bed

Sage is a bloomin’

Lavender, I had to cut this back this year…there was a lot of dead parts and it needed some room for new growth

The bloom from our new tree in the back yard


We had to put some pots around the deck. Everything else that we planted here Herbie would trample 😦

Pink Phlox in the front bed

Purple flowers (I forget the name) around the tree in the front

The hosta that was transplanted in the back bed…after much concern, I think that it’s going to make it after all 🙂

This is the new flower bed that we have put beside the deck

The veggies…..didn’t Nolan do a great job building the fence to protect our precious little vegetables from those pesky rabbits?

Bell Pepper


The fruits of my labors in the flower garden!