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Symphony on the Prairie July 17, 2010

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Conner Prairie ( ), which is a local interactive history museum of sorts, has Symphony on the Prairie every Friday and Saturday night during the summer months. So the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra plays under the stars of the prairie. Some folks make it a romantic event with the sweetie and bring their wine and cheese, others bring all the kids along since they can run around outside and be a bit noisy and still hear the great music and still others come with a group of friends for a unique night out!

Now, living here in Indy my whole life, you might think that I would have made it out to Symphony on the Prairie before now. But then you would be wrong. It’s been going on for as long as I can remember, but I just never made it out there. The past 3 years I’ve really wanted to go, but never really set a date and bought the tickets.

This year, well, I was making a point of going. It was on my summer to do list. And I made it for John Denver night. Now, I love John Denver. I had one of his songs sung at our wedding….I’ve got CDs….I just think he’s the cat’s meow. My sister-in-law Mindy actually brought up going  and when my mom heard it was John Denver night, she really wanted to go too. So we got our discount tickets at Marsh and went to the prairie!!!

We brought along dinner, snacks and drinks and had a relaxing night listening to the music. The musician who was doing all the singing has pretty much made a career out of performing John Denver songs. Their voices are pretty similar and he was even picked to sing all the songs in the made for TV movie about John Denver after his death.

Georgia is trying to make a duck face with her Pringles

It was nice to sit back and enjoy the night, sing along to these classic songs and hang with the family. A great time was had by all. Oh and we will be going back….Michael Jackson night is in a few weeks and then there is a Beatles night as well a couple of weeks after that!!!!

Almost looks like John Denver himself on the stage

The view from our seats


Potty Training…An Epic Tale

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At Georgia’s 18 month well baby appointment, her doctor said that we could start introducing the potty since she was so verbal. I went out and bought a cute little green frog potty chair and the training began.

And the training is still going on…..we try for a while and then we stop because we aren’t really getting any where. We tried putting on underwear while we were at home, and I found that I was just cleaning up mess after mess all day long. So then I would go back to putting Georgia in pull ups all day.

I really REALLY wanted Georgia to be potty trained by her 3rd birthday. Not because I’m worried about what people think about having a kid over 3 who’s not potty trained, but because I want to stop buying diapers!!!!! Those things are not cheap. And pull ups are even more expensive.

I decided to wait until after vacation to start more aggressively doing potty training….and by aggressive, I mean with myself, not with her. When she’s wearing a pull up, it’s so easy to forget that she needs to the potty. I knew that I needed to be consistent for her to have success.

So after vacation, I started again with Georgia wearing underwear at home. I cleaned up so many messes it was ridiculous. She knew what to do, but she just didn’t want to do it. And everything that you read is that they will do it when they are ready. Well, that didn’t really cut it for me. I was not willing to wait until she was ready….she might have been in high school before she was ready to pee in the toilet. I’m a no nonsense girl and this was not working for me.

On one of my days off, we were at home so I had Georgia in underwear. I had to shower, so I asked her if she needed to potty. She said no. I took my shower and was getting out and she came into the bathroom with me. I asked her if she needed to go pee pee and she again said no. Not a minute later she peed all over the bathroom floor and my large rug (the kind that is a pain to wash and dry). I was so upset and tired of cleaning up these messes that I told her we were done with pull ups. And if she had an accident that she would be the one cleaning it up, I was not doing it anymore. AND if we went out to the store, a friend’s house, the park, the zoo, wherever, we would have to go home.

Nolan was working from home that day. And I know that he though I was crazy. That this was never going to work. Well, Georgia had 2 more accidents that day and then she was dry, the rest of the day. And every day since then, has been pretty good. She has not had an accident while we were out in public and she is even going potty on her own now, no prompting. She still has accidents, she sometimes forgets when we are at home and she is playing, but she is getting better everyday. It is one less battle that we are constantly fighting.

It’s amazing the pride that I feel that my daughter has learned to poop and pee in the potty. It was a long fight, we were “potty training” for a year, so I’m glad that we are on the home stretch!


Summer So Far

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What have we been up too you ask?

Well here are a few things that have been going on this summer….besides vacation!


The first weekend in May, Nolan’s mom came for a visit. Georgia talked about Grandma coming for weeks. She flew into Indianapolis on a Friday and stayed until Tuesday. The Saturday after she got here, we traveled to Goshen to visit more family. Sunday we came back to Indy and just hung out with each other. Georgia absolutely loved having Grandma stay at our house. That was a very big deal to her! Also, Vicki is pretty handy to have around. She made new covers for our living room chairs. Thanks Mom Lichti!!!!


The second weekend in May, Nolan and I participated in the Indianapolis Mini Marathon along with several of our friends. It was a very windy day. The temps were cold in the morning, but once we started running it wasn’t too bad…just that wind!

We did it though. Nolan came in a little under 2 hours and I came around 2 hours and 45 minutes. I can’t remember the exact times….if your curious you can look it up. It felt great doing it, but the training was LONG.

Zoo, Memorial Day Weekend. Opening of the Cheetah Exhibit!!!!

Nolan took a 1/2 day the Friday before Memorial Day and we spent some time doing family stuff. We decided that it would be a good time to go to the zoo.  The brand new Cheetah exhibit was opening and members got a sneak peek the day before. We took advantage of that and headed to the zoo.

We hit a few other exhibits before making our way to the newest area. I was impressed by the remodeling that was done in this area of the zoo to make a spot for the cheetahs. All very nice and met my approval!

After checking out the animals, we got a drink and Georgia begged to go to the splash zone. We agreed that with the heat, it sounded like a great plan. She had a fantastic time!


This was Georgia’s first year going to VBS at our church. This was also my first year helping out. I was helping lead the opening worship service and music. It was very fun, but also very exhausting. I think that since it was the same week that we were leaving for vacation, things were a little more stressful than normal. We were having lots of late nights trying to get everything done before the trip and adding VBS to the mix just made things a little more busy. But Georgia had fun and enjoyed herself and that made it all worth it!

Alaska Trip!

You all already know about that! No need for further details.


So I have not been to the dentist in years….about 10 years. I decided that I should just get over my fear and go. It’s not going to get any better unless I just bite the bullet and get into the dentist’s office.

So I went, and while it was uncomfortable, I lived and I will be going back every 6 months from now on.

Update: I recently went back to the dentist to have a couple of cavities filled and I lived! Whew! I was on some pretty strong meds to chill me out. I don’t remember the car ride home or how I got to the couch, but Nolan woke me up around 2pm that afternoon and my entire morning was a blur! Strange!


Alaska, cruise day 8-Seattle July 16, 2010

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So our cruise time has come to an end. We docked back in Seattle….ready for a looooong day. Nolan and my brother, Alan, got off the ship early to get our rental cars for the day. The rest of us waited to get off the boat with the huge crowd of other travelers.

We met up with our drivers and set off for a day full of fun in Seattle. First stop the Pike Place Market. We drove through the hilly, winding streets of downtown looking for a place to park. After we found a nice spot, with broken glass from a car window being smashed out, we walked to the market.

The market….it was crowed, noisy, lively, beautiful, creative and oh so much fun. I loved making my way through all of booths of handmade items, breathtaking fresh flowers, delicious fresh fruit and veggies, speciality shops, and unbelievable fresh fish and seafood.

I think that I could have spent all day going through the market, taking a look at each booth and coming home with an arm load of treasures. It’s a good thing that we don’t live near a market like this…..all of Nolan’s hard earned money would get spent so easily!!!

After our time at the market, we tried to find a sculpture of a troll under a bridge. We found the area, but not the troll. A little bit of time wasted, but not a big deal. It would have been very cool to see!

We made our way back down town to the space needle. The area was filled with all sorts of lively buildings and people.

We went up to the observation deck of the needle and got a bird’s eye view of the city. Nolan was glad to see the baseball and football stadiums. I enjoyed watching the sailboats. And we all were glad to see our home away from home for the past week again. Our cruise ship was still docked and we were able to watch it take off again for another cruise. It made me a little sad that our time was almost over. On the other hand, we were all ready to go home. We had been away for a long time.

After the space needle, we stopped by the small carnival that was just outside the gift shop. Papaw, Rachel  and Rylee rode the roller coaster and Georgia took a spin on the Carousel, or Carous-Wheel as Georgia says.

We decided to drive around Pioneer Village and look at the old buildings and just have a little bit of down time. While we were driving, Nolan got a phone call from his friend Joe. Nolan and Joe were great pals during our days in Goshen. Joe and his family moved to Seattle. We were happy that we could meet up with them, even if it was just for a little bit.

We decided on a meeting place for dinner and Nolan, Georgia and I split from the rest of our group to meet Joe, Amy and Naomi for dinner. Georgia and Naomi are just a few months apart in age so they became fast friends! This gave Joe and Nolan a short while to catch up while Amy and I chased the girls around the food court.

Our time with Joe and Amy was brief, but it was still good to see them again. After dinner, it was time to head to the airport! Time to go home! Yea!!!

We got to the airport with no problems and dropped the cars off. The only issue we had at the airport was that I forgot to put Nolan’s knife in the checked luggage. He had to have it sent back home and pay a premium fee! Oops!

The flight was a long one, from Seattle to Atlanta. It was a red eye flight. Georgia went right to sleep and did a great job. We had a 2 hour lay over in Atlanta. We got some breakfast and waited for our flight.

Soon we were boarding our flight to Indy. We got back home tired and weary but glad to be home and thankful for our vacation time together to such a beautiful place. Really you cannot imagine everything we saw. The pictures do not do it justice. Go there for yourself and see “The Last Frontier.”

And that was the story of our Alaskan Cruise Vacation…..hope you enjoyed the tale of the Fletcher-Lichti family!


Alaska, cruise day 7-Victoria, BC July 9, 2010

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Our last cruise day. The time passed so quickly. Even though our trip was winding down, we still had two more full days of family vacation fun planned.

We ported in Victoria, BC for the day. Victoria is on Vancouver Island and is a hop skip and a jump from Seattle.

We thought our day was going to be pretty low key. We found a bus shuttle service that was a hop on and off sort of thing. There were several stops all over the city and we could come and go and we pleased.

We all wanted to see Craigdarroch Castle, so that was going to be our first stop. As we rode along in our double-decker bus, the driver told us all about Victoria. And as we approached the stop for the castle, we got a little bit of information about it. Craigdarroch Castle was built by a Scottish man named Robert Dunsmuir. Mr Dunsmuir never lived in the castle, he died before it was finished. His wife lived there until she died, some 19 years later. Dunsmuir’s daughters didn’t want the castle so they sold the land and raffled off the castle. The new owners of the castle eventually lost it for unpaid debt. The castle was used for a hospital, music conservatory and is now a tourist spot and historic landmark.

After touring the castle, we were famished and decided to find food at the fisherman’s wharf. There are several float homes docked at the fisherman’s wharf. Folks were trying to get out of paying property taxes, so they came up with the idea of float homes. It didn’t work, the government eventually got these guys to pay up!

As we were waiting in line for some more fish and chips, a seal came to the dock and was begging for some fresh fish from the people hanging around. He got his wish and was given a tasty treat from some folks who couldn’t resist those big, dark, beautiful eyes.

As we were driving long on the bus, we noticed some totem poles. I wanted to get some photos, so we decided to walk. It wasn’t that far and the bus took a little longer to get to the stops and we would be on the bus longer than it would take us to walk there.

We also passed the Empress Hotel. This place is pretty fancy. If you go to Victoria, stop by the Empress and have some tea….at $60 a person, it’s a deal right?

Victoria is full of gardens. The flowers were so beautiful and they were everywhere. We spent the rest of the afternoon walking and taking snap shots of all of the gardens. I could spend more time walking around Victoria.

Near the petting zoo there were peacocks roaming around. Georgia perfected the peacock call. We have been hearing it randomly ever since!

We got to a bus stop in time to catch the last bus back to the cruise. Or so we thought. After waiting and waiting and waiting, we decided that we better walk back to the ship before we missed it!

We had a nice little hike back….we walked a little faster knowing that if we weren’t back in time, the ship would not wait and we would be stuck in Victoria.

Everyone made it on board and we had our last dinner on the ship. Erwin and Daniella were fantastic waiters. Georgia and Daniella had a special friendship. We came to find out that she had a son at home that was a little younger than Georgia. She is on the cruise ship for 7 months and doesn’t get to see him. She made comments like, “I hope that he is learning his colors.” You could tell her heart was breaking because she was not able to be with him. It would be that way for most parents.

That night we prepared all of our luggage and belongings for our stop in Seattle. The cruise was ending and still one more vacation day left. A full day in Seattle was in store.


Alaska, cruise day 6-another day at sea

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Well, another day at sea. Not much to tell here. Rylee was feeling much better, but my dad was still not up to par.

The day was spent with more napping and more reading. We also played some games together and the rock wall was a hit again with Nolan and my nieces. Oh and of course more eating. I guess that is what going on a cruise is about…..eating.

That night, there was a dance party on the boat. 70’s music was playing loudly in the lounge and the cruise ship staff was dressed in clothing from the groovy decade.

The girls had fun trying some dance moves and making up some of their own.

Also we stayed up for the midnight chocolate buffet. But really, who could go to bed knowing there was a midnight chocolate buffet. We enjoyed tasty treats like truffles, chocolate covered strawberries and tiny little cakes. YUMMY!


Alaska, cruise day 5-Tracy Arm Fjord

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The day started very early. We were entering Tracy Arm Fjord. We would be going through the fjord, to the glacier and then turning around and heading out.

We woke up and headed out to the deck to see where we were and what was happening. It’s almost an eerie feeling being in the fjord. When we walked out onto the deck we had mountains on both sides of us. There was also a fog that was laying pretty low giving the sense that we were entering some mystic place. Then, there were the icebergs floating around the ship. Oh and it was almost silent (there was even a message on the cruise ship television about keeping the noise down to maximize the experience for everyone).We just stood and watched the beauty of nature…and tried to spot creatures swimming in the icy waters below!

As we approached the glacier, we began to see more and more icebergs. Then we saw it, nestled in between the mountains was a huge glacier. We saw the Mendenhall Glacier a couple of days before, but this was different. It didn’t seem as touristy since we were out in the waters… buildings, no buses, just us taking in the view. Oh us and our entire cruise ship!

As the ship was turning, we were able to get some nice shots of the seals sunning on the icebergs below.

The rest of the day was at sea. The waters were much calmer than our day at sea earlier in the trip. We were all very thankful for that.

After breakfast, the rest of the morning was spent with naps, reading and rock climbing. It seemed like all we did was eat and then wait to eat again. Nolan said that we were on an eatcation instead of a vacation. And that was pretty much right!

The seas may have been calmer, but that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t more sickness for our family travelers. Rylee, said she wasn’t feeling well before lunch and we found out that she had some sort of bug. Then a little while later, my dad also came down with the same sort of thing.

That night was our second formal dinner. The first one, we missed due to the rough waters. We made it to the second one with the exception of Rylee, Mindy and my dad. Actually my dad tried to go, but then decided that it would be best if he just went back to the cabin and got some rest.

After dinner we went to the show and retired for the night. Another relaxing day except for those who were feeling under the weather.